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Garage Door Measuring Guide

Measuring made easy

What may seem like a complicated task is actually a very simple one. The way we organise our design and manufacturing processes means that all we need to price your new Anglian home improvements are a few simple measurements.

There's no maths involved, no awkward angles or curves to measure, just straight lines. The dimensions you provide will enable us to provide you with a price. An Anglian qualified surveyor will carry out an exact survey prior to manufacture and in the event of your products being over, or under measured, the contract price will be amended accordingly.

This document will take you through the simple process step-by-step!

Measuring Tips

Handy tips for measuring your products accurately and safely

  1. You will need a tape measure, ruler or straight edge, paper and a pen or pencil
  2. If possible, get someone from within your household to help.
  3. Record all measurements in centimetres and try to be as accurate as possible. Measure each dimension twice as an extra check
  4. Do not attempt to measure areas you cannot reach safely

How should I measure my garage door?

  1. Design and draw your door as viewed from your driveway
  2. Measure your door from outside, recording all measurements in centimetres
  3. WIDTH: Measure from REVEAL to REVEAL
  4. HEIGHT: Measure from the FLOOR up to to the HEAD of the door
  5. INSIDE the garage, measure the height from the FLOOR to the underside of ceiling or the lowest timber rafter